Our sneakers are made from high quality leathers. Treat them right, and they will last even longer.

We have a small range of sneaker care products of the renowned brand Collonil. See our cleaning products in the shop.

We recommend you to keep your sneakers clean and give an extra protection from certain weather conditions. Also during use it is advised to take care of the leather.

Before use

Give your SEMPER’s a treatment with a premium shoe spray suitable for smooth/nubuck and or suède leather. This will protect your sneakers from outdoor weather conditions.

Our premium shoe spray (for all materials): Carbon Pro Spray

During use

During use we advise to use a leather care product. This product makes sure the leather remains in its best condition and colour.

Besides the leather care product it is advisable to re-use the leather spray frequently. When using daily we advise to spray the sneakers once every one or two months. In any other case once every 3 to 6 months.

If your sneakers gotten dirty than it is advised to clean them with some lukewarm water or a cleaning product. By using a cloth (or small brush/ sponge for the outsole) you can clean the leather. Small spots or dirt will come of with water but for the heavier work a cleaning foam comes in handy:

    • Wipe in several directions, using circular motions to clean all sides of the fibers.
    • for the best results, make sure to remove the laces before starting.

Our leather care product: Carbon Lab Leather Care
Our leather cleaning product: Carbon Lab Cleaning Foam


As an addition to our previous recommendations, we also advise to take extra care of your nubuck/suede sneakers.

  1. A nubuck brush will  help remove dust and dirt trapped within the fibers of the sneaker. Regular brushing is an easy and an effective way to care for our products.
  2. After cleaning use a premium shoe spray, suitable for nubuck, to give it a protective finish.

It is also advisable to store your sneakers away from long-lasting direct sunlight.

Do you have any questions about which products to use? Or any additional maintenance questions? Go to our contact page and contact us via one of the available options.