After months of hard work we launched our 2020 collection. Besides our succesvol JOVE style we launched a new model called VULCAN; a casual sneaker with a twist.

Our sneakers are released in nine different colourways.

All our designs are made in highly limited runs. Of each style there is a maximum of 100 sneakers. Your sneakers will remain unique throughout its lifetime.

For our ’20 collection we used a combination of several kinds of leather; full grain leather, nubuck and a mesh texile called ‘HYDRO’.

Full grain leather is the upperhide of the cow; very strong and durable. Nubuck leather is created by sanding of the top of the cow hide. This gives it a unique soft touch and a matte look. HYDRO is a unique microfiber mesh textile with dirt & water repellent characteristics.

SEMPER’s are handmade in Portugal by crafts- men & women with years of experience. Once in your possession you’ll experience the quality. Heavy in hand, but light as a feather on your feet.